Can you feel the heat?

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In one of the first weeks, and ensuing weekend, of February 2018, something so preposterous happened in that grand United Kingdom that the whole country, along with almost all of its inhabitants, were left incapacitated in a state of paralysed shock: it started snowing.

London citizens left their offices and stayed home in fear while the entire public transport system was in a semi-broken down condition of that certain British nature where we all pretend that nothing is wrong while the world descends into chaos around us.

I might be exaggerating – slightly. But then, I am a foreigner. It’s my prerogative.

Whatever the actual case, the house I lived in at the time had a problem with the pipe insulation, and the frost caused the heating to stop working. I was unpleasantly surprised by a whiff of ice cold air blowing into my face as I (somehow!) came home from work and opened the door, ready to relax.

Obviously something along the same lines had happened to a substantial amount of houses, so despite frantic calls to the company of Please Come Fix Our Heating As In Right Now, As In Right Right Now, their hands were tied and we were left to our own freezing cold devices for the time being.

A few hellish days and creative engineering solutions later (thank you, Jonti) the heating was back up and running, and the house became once again inhabitable. However, I had all the while had some time to contemplate the importance of staying warm. Quite possibly I had been waking up the neighbours with my clattering teeth. So I decided, for the next case of similar emergency, to buy an electric heating blanket.

I can already tell you think that’s an awful idea, you prejudiced snob. You're wrong. It was an awesome idea. End of story.

See the full-size illustration inspired by this story here. I've used a simple, old-fashioned comic style.

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